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Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition


Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Event & Competition
All about improvisation!

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Jack and Jill Tango® Event and Competition

in Budapest from May 10-12.

These 3 days are created for you in an amazing city Budapest organzied by Tango Studio Budapest. It's an extraordinary weekend with an extraordinary  competition and more: workshops and tango shows with the most professional tango teachers.

This competition is about the extraordinary couples. About extraordinary communication. About extraordinary relationships.

You can register as a competitor or only as a participant of the workshops, milongas If you feel like being a competitor, don't worry about the partner. During the competition you will have several partners, just like on a milonga. To make it exciting for you as well as for the audience, we will draw the couples by lot for each tanda. In the semi final not only you will score your partner but also the audience will evaluate the participans. In the final scores will be given by you, the audience and a professional jury. For details please surf the site, and feel free to contact us in case of any ambiguty.


Mindegy, hogy mióta tangózol, és mennyi figurát ismersz. A workshopok és a milongák mellett újra itt a verseny, ahol csak az egymásra hangolódás számít.

Napközben a tangó nagy mestereitől tanulhatsz: Antonella Terazzas és Fernando Galera is tart workshopot.És természetesen mindkét este Milonga!


<<The program has changed>>

Friday May 10:


Saturday May 11:

13:00-14:30 Fernando & Antonella Workshop: CONNECTION

14:30-16:00 Fernando & Antonella Workshop: TANGO TURNS AND FLUIDITY OF THE MOVEMENTS

20:00 - JACK AND JILL TANGO® Competition

21:00 - GALA MILONGA DE SALÓN: Price giving ceremony and show by Antonella Terrazas and Fernando Galera

Sunday May 12:

15:00-16:30 Fernando & Antonella Workshop: VALS AS FLOW IN RITHM

16:30-18:00 Fernando & Antonella Workshop: MILONGA TRASPIÉ


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