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Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition


Botond Sinóros-Szabó & Nóra Fülöp

Maestros of Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition

Botond and Nóra (HUN)


Botond and Nóra as determinative members of the Hungarian tango community and representatives of Club Tango Infusion have been dancing tango for more than 13 years together. Both of them started dancing in the Argentinian Tango Dance Theater Association and participated in several dance shows as Tango Express, Soul Strings, Seasons in Buenos Aires, Tango Like!, Flavors and Colors, Donna Lucretia’s House, Contangos, Tango No Tango, etc. The former ballet dancer Nora’s lightness well matches with Botond’s dynamism which is well integrated with his prior contemporary studies, music play experiences and experiences in marital arts. Continuity, flow, constant perception of each other’s movement, saving style while crossing the lines: these are the main features of Botond and Nora’s dance. Their charming improvisation is highly innovative, tender and harmonic. They use electronic, and sometimes hard music for their shows frequently, which is considered difficult to dance on by others.