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Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition


The Competition

The Competition


This competition is just like tango about the partner and how to give the maximum to her or him:

  • attention

  • common creation

  • cooperation

and you don’t need

  • to find a partner

  • to learn any choreography

  • to be a stage dancer

Maximum 20 leaders and 20 followers will have the opportunity to take part in this special experience. The participants will be sorted in couples by drawing lots.

Schedule of semi-final:

The final consists of four tandas. The participants are expected to dance with 4 different partners according to the lot. The competitors will score their partners. The audience as well will choose one favourite couple and send it to the final.

The final:

The final consists of four tandas. Again,the participants will dance with 4 different partners.
The awards of the competition will be given by the jury, by the audience and by the competitors themselves.

Members of the jury:
Isabel Costa
Nelson Pinto
Antonella Terazzas
Fernando Galera


The good shoes can make the mood of tango.