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Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition


Tamás Huszár & Adrienn Pálmai

Maestros of Budapest Jack and Jill Tango Competition

Tamás and Adrienn (HUN)


Tango is cooperation and common creation with the partner. Not just leading and following but reaction and inspiration in every moment. This is the reason why we organise this competition every year: To show, that tango is not only repeating the well practiced movements but continuously being in present with my partner and the music.

We believe, the most important part of tango are the basics even in the most complicated and complex combinations: focus, stability, conformity, preparation of movements, pay attention to the partner and to the music. We are working together as tango partners since October 2016.

Tamás Huszár is managing the Budapest Tango Studio and tango instructor also organising the Nueva Milonga biweekly and organising the Jack and Jill Tango Competition since 2013.